Uber, Lyft and Deliv to partner with Walmart to deliver groceries

Walmart and Sam’s club are going to use Uber, Lyft and Deliv to make last mile grocery deliveries. A plan wil be unveiled in the near future giving details of the partnership. This will be in order to compete with Amazon Fresh and other last mile grocery delivery services. We had written about whether Uber was becoming the new Walmart.. Continue reading “Uber, Lyft and Deliv to partner with Walmart to deliver groceries”

Next Up on Pulse: Sarah Kessler answers your questions on Gig Work

From Sarah Kessler's Fast Company Article, "Could minimum wage work in the gig economy?" April 6, 2016
From Sarah Kessler’s Fast Company Article, “Could minimum wage work in the gig economy?” April 6, 2016

We’ve got more independent work experts and celebrities joining us exclusively on our Pulse app to answer your questions. Next up: HippyChick is answering your tax questions on Thursday April 14th,  Sara Kessler from Fast Company talking about Gig Work next Wednesday April 20th.

Submit questions on Pulse, learn more on the Events page.

Introducing Groups on SherpaShare Pulse

 Introducing Groups on SherpaShare Pulse

Introducing “Groups” on SherpaShare Pulse

We’re thrilled to roll-out the “Groups” feature in Pulse, which allows any independent workers to join and create their own groups.

When we launched our Pulse app in January, we did it in order to give an even stronger voice to drivers and independent workers around the world. The new “Groups” feature continues that mission of giving independent workers even more of a voice and more control.

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Arcade City: Can it challenge Uber and Lyft?

A new decentralized ride share system has emerged that has been garnering a lot of attention on Pulse. It is called Arcade City. Arcade City plans to radically change the rideshare landscape by offering peer to peer payment between riders and passengers. No cut is taken by Arcade City if you do not use their system to transfer payment. So, will it work? SherpaShare Blog takes a look. Continue reading “Arcade City: Can it challenge Uber and Lyft?”

Uber to buy Self Driving Cars: Reports

Uber is shopping around for a large fleet of autonomous vehicles according to various reports. This is the next step in the race to further automate the transportation industry. We recently covered the topic in our blog post about autonomous vehicles and this certainly seems to confirm the trend.  Continue reading “Uber to buy Self Driving Cars: Reports”

Annoying passenger requests and how to deal with them

One of the most commonly asked questions on Pulse is, what happens when I have to wait between, during, or after a job? There is no correct answer and the situation varies greatly from circumstance to circumstance. This is not like filing your taxes – where there is more granularity. SherpaShare takes a look at the pros and cons that can arise from these situations. 

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How autonomous vehicles will change ridesharing forever

We welcome Brett as a guest contributor for this article. Brett has been a rideshare driver since early 2014, and blogs about his experiences on his blog, rideshareapps.com. Brett is a regular contributor on SherpaShareBlog.com. 

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Is Uber becoming the new Walmart?

This post was written by guest contributor John Sollars, who is a full time driver and runs the blog RideshareDriver.com. He is a regular contributor to SherpaShareBlog.com.

Remember those news stories that were written every time a new Walmart opened? People were lining up every time a new one opened to apply for the same low paying jobs that everyone complained about. Does the extremely high turnover due to the lowering of rates sound familiar? Uber and Lyft are doing the same thing and raising sign on bonuses in order keep their driver force growing faster at a commensurate rate, but is it sustainable?  

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Filing taxes for Uber, Lyft, and others in the on-demand economy

SherpaShare was built to help independent contractors maximize their earnings potential by providing them with more accurate analysis, mileage tracking and a real time community network. If you haven’t already, download our App and start tracking 2016 miles now.  Communicate with your local drivers and get ahead of the game. We’ve partnered with Shared Economy CPA to give you the important tax information you need as an independent contractor. 

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