Want more Uber requests? Get in line for an app that powers pickups…

It’s finally coming. We can’t say too much yet except that we’ve been heads down working on this, and are excited to share this with the world soon: A new way to optimize your Uber driving. We’re expecting extremely high driver demand for this and will roll it out on a very selective basis. You can request to get in line now to be one of the first too have access to it starting today by adding your name below.

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Uber, Taxes, and New Orleans: An interview with @HippyChick

With tax season in full swing we decided to dive deeper with one of our community experts, @HippyChick on Pulse, who has boatloads of tax expertise and opinions on what its like to drive in New Orleans. Here’s our in-depth Q&A with her… Continue reading “Uber, Taxes, and New Orleans: An interview with @HippyChick”

Do you have adequate rideshare insurance?

SherpaShare and NerdWallet teamed up to survey Uber and Lyft drivers across the country on insurance. In the survey, conducted by SherpaShare (here, on the blog and within the Pulse app), 1,022 responded from the SherpaShare community. SherpaShare and NerdWallet wanted to determine whether drivers were adequately insured and the reasons for doing or not doing so. Here are the results!

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Uber vs Lyft Passengers: Who do drivers prefer?

We have been noticing a lot of chatter on Pulse about the difference between driving for Uber and Lyft and wondered whether passenger behavior was markedly different. Here’s what we heard:

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First day nerves and how to deal with them

Hitting the Go Online button for the first time can be very intimidating as an Uber or Lyft driver! In fact, tens of thousands of drivers will go through the entire onboarding process and never take their first trip. This is for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is due to nerves. It’s a big step to push that button for the first time. Here we look at a few things you can do build confidence, whether you’re driving for the first time or have been driving for a while. Continue reading “First day nerves and how to deal with them”

Annoying passenger requests and how to deal with them

One of the most commonly asked questions on Pulse is, what happens when I have to wait between, during, or after a job? There is no correct answer and the situation varies greatly from circumstance to circumstance. This is not like filing your taxes – where there is more granularity. SherpaShare takes a look at the pros and cons that can arise from these situations. 

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Is Uber becoming the new Walmart?

This post was written by guest contributor John Sollars, who is a full time driver and runs the blog RideshareDriver.com. He is a regular contributor to SherpaShareBlog.com.

Remember those news stories that were written every time a new Walmart opened? People were lining up every time a new one opened to apply for the same low paying jobs that everyone complained about. Does the extremely high turnover due to the lowering of rates sound familiar? Uber and Lyft are doing the same thing and raising sign on bonuses in order keep their driver force growing faster at a commensurate rate, but is it sustainable?  

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Filing taxes for Uber, Lyft, and others in the on-demand economy

SherpaShare was built to help independent contractors maximize their earnings potential by providing them with more accurate analysis, mileage tracking and a real time community network. If you haven’t already, download our App and start tracking 2016 miles now.  Communicate with your local drivers and get ahead of the game. We’ve partnered with Shared Economy CPA to give you the important tax information you need as an independent contractor. 

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How much do Uber drivers earn?

Uber Weekly Gross Earnings Distribution We love data coupled with insights. And others know we do. In fact, on a weekly basis we get dozens of requests from journalists, academics, drivers, and companies about earnings and trends related to earnings.

Since our mission is about providing information to help drivers make more informed decisions and earn more, we try to publish as much as we can. In October, we did our major on-demand earnings study that focused on driver demographics. (Definitely check it out if you haven’t). For this piece, we pulled numbers specific to Uber earnings. Here’s what we found.  Continue reading “How much do Uber drivers earn?”

Uber, Lyft Driver Earnings Per Hour Worked

Last week we published our “On-Demand Driver Demographic Report”, the largest report of its kind, and we pulled out 5 important trends.

This chart is a bonus to that original report, highlighting what drivers reported earnings per month (gross) based on the number of hours they worked per week. This was base on 963 drivers across the US, over 90% of which drove for Uber and/or Lyft.

Uber Lyft Gross Earnings Per Month by Hours Worked Per Week

This chart shows average gross earnings per month based on the survey responses. This can help you see where you might potentially fall, or if you’re already driving, if you’re above or below average for your driving time commitment. To find out more about the survey and methodology, check out the original report.

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