Falcon Zero F360 Dual Dashcam Giveaway

Have you been thinking about getting a Dash Cam for your driving? Waiting because you are not sure it is worth it?  Wait no more! We’re giving away the Falcon Zero Dash Cam, one of the more popular dash cams among Uber and Lyft drivers! It’s a cool $300 value. Here’s how you can enter to win! Continue reading “Falcon Zero F360 Dual Dashcam Giveaway”

SF to require all Uber and Lyft drivers to get a business license

San Fran will require all independent contractors to obtain business licenses if they drive for Lyft or Uber for seven or more days a year.  Continue reading “SF to require all Uber and Lyft drivers to get a business license”

Lyft Introduces Carpooling Option

For a long time Lyft has said they were on the path to going back to their roots of true ridesharing – people matching up on trips that are already taking place. Today, they announced their new carpooling option – it goes live in the Bay Area first. 

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Arcade City: Can it challenge Uber and Lyft?

A new decentralized ride share system has emerged that has been garnering a lot of attention on Pulse. It is called Arcade City. Arcade City plans to radically change the rideshare landscape by offering peer to peer payment between riders and passengers. No cut is taken by Arcade City if you do not use their system to transfer payment. So, will it work? SherpaShare Blog takes a look. Continue reading “Arcade City: Can it challenge Uber and Lyft?”

Do you have adequate rideshare insurance?

SherpaShare and NerdWallet teamed up to survey Uber and Lyft drivers across the country on insurance. In the survey, conducted by SherpaShare (here, on the blog and within the Pulse app), 1,022 responded from the SherpaShare community. SherpaShare and NerdWallet wanted to determine whether drivers were adequately insured and the reasons for doing or not doing so. Here are the results!

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First day nerves and how to deal with them

Hitting the Go Online button for the first time can be very intimidating as an Uber or Lyft driver! In fact, tens of thousands of drivers will go through the entire onboarding process and never take their first trip. This is for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is due to nerves. It’s a big step to push that button for the first time. Here we look at a few things you can do build confidence, whether you’re driving for the first time or have been driving for a while. Continue reading “First day nerves and how to deal with them”

Uber and Lyft drivers respond to Michigan shootings on SherpaShare Pulse

In light of the recent events in Michigan, we asked our Pulse community – “Will the recent shooting in Michigan by an Uber driver reflect poorly on Uber’s screening process? What do you think?”

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Annoying passenger requests and how to deal with them

One of the most commonly asked questions on Pulse is, what happens when I have to wait between, during, or after a job? There is no correct answer and the situation varies greatly from circumstance to circumstance. This is not like filing your taxes – where there is more granularity. SherpaShare takes a look at the pros and cons that can arise from these situations. 

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How autonomous vehicles will change ridesharing forever

We welcome Brett as a guest contributor for this article. Brett has been a rideshare driver since early 2014, and blogs about his experiences on his blog, rideshareapps.com. Brett is a regular contributor on SherpaShareBlog.com. 

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