Ask Me Anything with @HippyChick: A transcript

Here is the transcript from @HippyChick’s Q&A on Pulse on Tax filing! @HippyChick has been a tax preparer for the last many years and wanted to share some of her knowledge with our Pulse Community Continue reading “Ask Me Anything with @HippyChick: A transcript”

Pulse Q&A with Derek from

SherpaShare's CPA answers 1099 Tax Questions for Drivers
SherpaShare answers 1099 Tax Questions for Uber, Lyft Drivers

Derek hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Pulse on both Friday and Monday. Here is the transcript.. All of Derek’s answers are highlighted! Continue reading “Pulse Q&A with Derek from”

Uber, Taxes, and New Orleans: An interview with @HippyChick

With tax season in full swing we decided to dive deeper with one of our community experts, @HippyChick on Pulse, who has boatloads of tax expertise and opinions on what its like to drive in New Orleans. Here’s our in-depth Q&A with her… Continue reading “Uber, Taxes, and New Orleans: An interview with @HippyChick”

Do you have adequate rideshare insurance?

SherpaShare and NerdWallet teamed up to survey Uber and Lyft drivers across the country on insurance. In the survey, conducted by SherpaShare (here, on the blog and within the Pulse app), 1,022 responded from the SherpaShare community. SherpaShare and NerdWallet wanted to determine whether drivers were adequately insured and the reasons for doing or not doing so. Here are the results!

Continue reading “Do you have adequate rideshare insurance?”