Quick Poll: 80% say that, all things equal, they’d prefer to drive for Lyft

We love polling our community of independent workers and drivers to get the pulse of driver public opinion and how it’s changing. For example, last week we published our multi-week survey (in the thousands of respondents) that showed drivers¬†want diverse options and flexibility.

Storylines for the on-demand worker or rideshare driver can often be dominated by the very vocal minority and often don’t reflect a true picture of reality. Our community of tens of thousands of drivers represent the full spectrum of on-demand work!

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Uber vs Lyft Passengers: Who do drivers prefer?

We have been noticing a lot of chatter on Pulse about the difference between driving for Uber and Lyft and wondered whether passenger behavior was markedly different. Here’s what we¬†heard:

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Do you have rideshare insurance? (Poll)

February 9th Update: Thanks to the 1K+ who took the survey! It’s now closed!

We’ve teamed up with NerdWallet to launch a survey about rideshare insurance. Do you have it, if so which, and if not, why? Couldn’t be simpler and takes a minute.

We’ve posted the survey on our driver chat, which is available on both our SherpaShare Driver App (on Android) and our new SherpaShare Pulse App (on iOS). And to make things easy, we’ve pasted it below.