An Uber Tip Sign in Every Car

A major part of the Uber settlement was Uber agreeing to allow drivers to put small signs in their cars to the tune of: “Tips are not included or necessary but are appreciated”.

We want to help every Uber driver in the country have a great looking tip sign. As a SherpaShare member, you can now order a free tip decal from SherpaShare. The pre-order decals are limited. Pre-order here.

If you’re not a SherpaShare member, you’ll first need to create a free account here.

Exclusive interview with Shannon Liss-Riordan explaining the Uber Settlement

In an hour long conversation, Shannon Liss-Riordan provided details on the $100 million dollar Uber Settlement, announced last Thursday, directly to SherpaShare to help share with every single driver in the US.

Shannon’s message is clear: This settlement is a major step forward for drivers, and given all of the circumstances, was the clear best choice to help impact and improve the daily lives of Uber drivers.

Find out exactly how you are affected and how you benefit, whether you’re an Uber driver in California, Massachusetts, or anywhere else throughout the US. Read the summary and see excerpts from the video interview. Get the full interview clips on the SherpaShare website. 
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Drivers react, express frustration at Uber settlement

Yesterday Uber announced that they settled the case over worker classification for up to $100M and effectively keeping drivers as independent contractors.

We surveyed SherpaShare drivers within our app to get their reactions. Drivers expressed surprise at the settlement and overall were not very satisfied with the result.  Continue reading “Drivers react, express frustration at Uber settlement”

Uber Settles for $100M, Drivers Stay Independent Contractors

In a major announcement on Thursday, Uber announced they had reached a settlement in it’s ongoing legal battle over worker classification – a move seen as a major benefit to Uber (albeit expensive)

The settlement comes just a week after we had Shannon Liss-Riordan, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, answered driver questions on the SherpaShare blog with absolutely no indication that this legal fight would end so soon.

Many drivers assumed this legal battle would continue and potentially disrupt the on-demand industry as we know it if companies were forced to classify drivers as employees. But, instead of going to trial, Uber made the following concessions:

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Chariot for Women is now SafeHer, delays launch citing high demand

We wrote a couple of weeks ago about the launch of Chariot for Women with the app planning to launch on April 19. However they have now rebranded. Continue reading “Chariot for Women is now SafeHer, delays launch citing high demand”

Ask Me Anything with @HippyChick: A transcript

Here is the transcript from @HippyChick’s Q&A on Pulse on Tax filing! @HippyChick has been a tax preparer for the last many years and wanted to share some of her knowledge with our Pulse Community Continue reading “Ask Me Anything with @HippyChick: A transcript”

SF to require all Uber and Lyft drivers to get a business license

San Fran will require all independent contractors to obtain business licenses if they drive for Lyft or Uber for seven or more days a year.  Continue reading “SF to require all Uber and Lyft drivers to get a business license”

Shuddle, ‘Uber for kids’ to shut down!

Shuddle, the Uber for kids, who had provided 65,000 rides around the Bay Area, announced today that they are unable to raise a new round of financing and are shutting down operations completely on April 15th. Continue reading “Shuddle, ‘Uber for kids’ to shut down!”

Next Up on Pulse: Sarah Kessler answers your questions on Gig Work

From Sarah Kessler's Fast Company Article, "Could minimum wage work in the gig economy?" April 6, 2016
From Sarah Kessler’s Fast Company Article, “Could minimum wage work in the gig economy?” April 6, 2016

We’ve got more independent work experts and celebrities joining us exclusively on our Pulse app to answer your questions. Next up: HippyChick is answering your tax questions on Thursday April 14th,  Sara Kessler from Fast Company talking about Gig Work next Wednesday April 20th.

Submit questions on Pulse, learn more on the Events page.