Looking for local rideshare info? Introducing City Pages.


Do you ever find yourself waiting days for Uber or Lyft to respond to questions but you know that the question has been probably answered thousands of times or should be easily availableĀ online? And maybe you hesitate to ask the question again on our chat feature or other forums? This should help you out.

Introducing City Pages

Now you can find the most commonly asked driver questions in one place. It’s like a Wiki page just for your city’s on-demand work. Yes, if you want a real-time answer to a question check our app’s chat feature to connect with others. But if you just want the Wiki overview, visit your City Page.

What will the city pages cover?

  • An overview of the on-demand work scene in that city including available companies
  • An overview of the onboarding and how to sign up
  • An overview of local pertinent news
  • An overview of what people have been talking about on the Pulse chat in that city
  • Local earnings trends and data

These pages are built by drivers for drivers, and we’ll eventually have a page for practically every on-demand city there is. Want to help build yours? Get in touch with us.


Launching Los Angeles

We’re excited to launch the Los Angeles city page first. Take a look and tell us what you think! What did you like, what do you want to see more information on? You can leave a comment right on the page.

And stay tuned, we’ll be rolling out new cities every week. If you want to get the latest updates follow our blog and social media – and start to connect with your fellow drivers via our apps.


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