2015 Mileage Report Now Available


Did you track mileage with SherpaShare in 2015? If so, you can now do an instant-download to see your year end mileage summary and full trip-by-trip details directly on the Driver Dashboard under “Get 2015 Report”. Read the details below.

UPDATE: Tracking for 2016-2017? Here’s how you can get more tracking with our Premium.


Your 2015 Mileage Report

On your Driver Dashboard look for the “Get 2015 Report” button. Once you click, you’ll see the brief description of the reporting:

  • Your mileage tracked by SherpaShare in full CSV format
  • Directly sent to your email with unlimited downloads
  • Save hundreds or thousands of dollars from owed taxes
  • One-time payment of $10

Once processed, you’ll receive an email with your summary and full mileage details. If you still want to manually check and export your miles into a PDF you still have that option on the dashboard.

ProTip: Remember just one 17 mile trip is worth $10 toward your tax deduction, based on the 2015 IRS rate. If you’re looking for tax tips check out our “What You Absolutely Need to Know About Rideshare Taxes

We’re thrilled to offer this to you and continue to be able to grow and expand our driver support service and network, the largest in the world.

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10 thoughts on “2015 Mileage Report Now Available”

  1. How come the $10 fee was not disclosed up front? I could have used a different service – or did it myself, and more accurately – if I had known this.

    1. Remember, the $10 is tax deductible as an expense. The auto tracking feature is really handy so you don’t forget to record your mileage…Finally, I tried another service that gave free reporting, but $3.99 a month for the continuous auto tracking feature, (it was totally free if you start and stop your tracking for every trip, but then you forget to start or stop) so the continuous tracking is great. then you choose personal or business for every trip and not forget to document.

  2. I was surprised by the $10 fee as well but for me it’s worth it, when I first started driving I had a difficult time tracking my Mileage now I don’t worry about the accuracy of documenting and tracking my mileage properly thank you Sherpa share.

  3. Really people, you’re going to complain over $10? You complain about our trip rates and not getting paid as you should but you don’t want to kick in to pay for someone else’s work. Stop being pathetic. If you can save a number of hours purchasing a list then you will have more time to go make real money.

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