Should you drive for DoorDash and Uber, Lyft?


Recently, we did a Q&A with Paul, a DoorDash delivery driver who’s also spent time doing Uber and Lyft. We wanted to hear first hand from Paul because we’ve observed – both in our data and on among our community members – that delivery work a) continues to grow and b) continues to grow among the existing Uber and Lyft driver communities.

Overall, the crossover between rideshare and delivery is still relatively small, but it’s growing. Here’s Paul’s insights on how he does DoorDash and what he thinks of the work.

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Tips on how to save thousands with mileage tracking, and avoid getting in trouble with the IRS

IRS Rideshare Mileage Compliance

Any business mileage submitted to the IRS is likely to be closely scrutinized, and your mileage log is the most important piece of evidence for this. The reason: Mileage can be an enormous deduction for tax filers and the IRS knows how to quickly find record keeping mistakes that could wipe out your entire deduction. Here’s how you can avoid common mistakes when submitting your business mileage.

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How much do Uber drivers earn?

Uber Weekly Gross Earnings Distribution We love data coupled with insights. And others know we do. In fact, on a weekly basis we get dozens of requests from journalists, academics, drivers, and companies about earnings and trends related to earnings.

Since our mission is about providing information to help drivers make more informed decisions and earn more, we try to publish as much as we can. In October, we did our major on-demand earnings study that focused on driver demographics. (Definitely check it out if you haven’t). For this piece, we pulled numbers specific to Uber earnings. Here’s what we found.  Continue reading “How much do Uber drivers earn?”