Uber, Lyft Driver Earnings Per Hour Worked

Last week we published our “On-Demand Driver Demographic Report”, the largest report of its kind, and we pulled out 5 important trends.

This chart is a bonus to that original report, highlighting what drivers reported earnings per month (gross) based on the number of hours they worked per week. This was base on 963 drivers across the US, over 90% of which drove for Uber and/or Lyft.

Uber Lyft Gross Earnings Per Month by Hours Worked Per Week

This chart shows average gross earnings per month based on the survey responses. This can help you see where you might potentially fall, or if you’re already driving, if you’re above or below average for your driving time commitment. To find out more about the survey and methodology, check out the original report.

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Report: The top demographic trends of the on-demand workforce

SherpaShare On-Demand Workforce Survey

SherpaShare, the largest independent on-demand worker support app, surveyed the on-demand workforce on demographics, income, and work trends, with nearly 1,000 verified responses.

SherpaShare helps tens of thousands of workers manage their independent work and regularly surveys the on-demand workforce. For example, in July we released what rideshare drivers earn per trip in 20 cities across the US. Also, a year ago, our blog looked at how women were represented among on-demand rideshare drivers. This report updates that as part of five major demographic trends covered, across not just gender, but age, work frequency, self-reported income, and services.

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How do I get started with the SherpaShare App? Check out these videos.

SherpaShare App Store Images

Our mission is to help independent workers work smarter and earn more, and we’ve started with independent drivers! So, if you’re wondering what exactly that looks like in the app, look no further. We’ve whipped up 5 short videos to help answer some of your questions!

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The pros and cons of Uber’s new Driver App

Uber Partner App Announcement

Today, Uber announced an “all-new app for partners” to help support drivers. This is welcome news for Uber drivers across the country (and world as this is rolling out globally), but there all still some critical pieces of information missing for drivers. We’ll review them here in detail. And we’ll be updating this post with feedback from drivers as it comes in – so check back and feel free to pass along to others.

The New Uber Partner App – Why Now?

This app announcement follows some important forces that Uber has certainly recognized recently – drivers want more control and the competition for drivers is heating up.

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