Report: What Uber, Lyft drivers earn per trip

In July 2015, we looked at fares per trip for Uber and Lyft drivers across the US, and their trends. We focused on the national average and the averages across 20 selected cities. The results were quite interesting, picked in in national media, and is still our most visited report. Take a look at the trends and share your reactions.

Uber Lyft Earnings Fares per Trip 2015


As the ridesharing industry continues to expand at a rapid pace, industry-wide trends have been hard to come by. PR departments at Uber, Lyft and their contemporaries have very little incentive to openly publish data that might lead to speculation harmful to their chosen narratives — especially about how well their drivers are doing financially as ridesharing supply and demand evolve together. Continue reading “Report: What Uber, Lyft drivers earn per trip”

Four tips every new rideshare driver should know


Getting started as a driver can be intimidating, mainly because you’re venturing into the unknown. But it doesn’t have to be. Even though hundreds of thousands of drivers are now actively driving for rideshare companies in the US, they all had a “first day”. Whether you’re brand new or a year+ in, we hope these four basic tips will give you a good foundation.

Driver Tip #1: Plan Your Work Schedule

One of the biggest perks of ride-sharing is that you can create your own schedule. While this may sound like ultimate freedom, the truth is that you can significantly multiply your income just by driving the right days and times.

For example, during a slow time of day, you might be lucky to average Continue reading “Four tips every new rideshare driver should know”